Viewing Nasiriya Integrated Project


Project Information

The Al-Nasiriya Integrated Project contemplates the development of the integrated development of the multi-billion barrel Nasiriya oil field together with the construction and operation of a new 300,000 barrel per day refinery.

Nasiriya Field

The Nasiriya oil field is located in the south of Iraq within Thi Qar province (close to Nasiriya city). The field is an anticlinal structure generally trending northwest-southeast.

The field was mapped by 2D seismic in 1975 and oil was discovered in the Mishrif, Yamama and Nahr Umr reservoirs by exploration well NS-1 in 1978. A 3D seismic survey was acquired, processed and interpreted during 2008-2011. Total oil in place is estimated to be approximately 16 billion barrels.

Only limited development has been carried out in the field, with first oil production in 2009. A total of 19 wells have been drilled in the field and it is currently producing a little over 40,000 bopd from the Mishrif reservoir.

The field is clear of mines and UXOs.

Nasiriya Refinery

The proposed new Nasiriya refinery is to be located near Nasiriya in southern Iraq, approximately 200 km north of Basrah and approximately 400 km south of Baghdad. The international engineering and construction firm Foster Wheeler recently completed a Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) study for a design capable of processing 300,000 bpd of Nasiriya Mishrif crude oil to international specifications, with a high level of availability.

The scope of the refinery facilities contains 27 process units of two identical trains and a common FCC complex. Each train can operate independently and can be taken out of operation for maintenance whilst the second train continues in operation. The planned turnaround cycle is 5 years.

The products from the refinery are planned for domestic use, primarily transportation fuels. However, the specification will allow export flexibility if necessary. Sufficient heavier products will also be produced to meet local needs.

Artist Impression of the Refinery layout
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